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Nghi Phu small industrial Zone - Du lịch Thành phố Vinh Nghệ An - Thiết kế Website TP Vinh Thanh pho Vinh Nghe An
Posted on:24/3/2008
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Nghi Phu small industrial Zone
Location: National Highway No.46, Nghi Phu Commune, City of Vinh, Province of Nghe An

Projected Industries in the zone:

  • Textile, Garments
  • Leather
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electricity, Electronics
  • Export-oriented fine arts and handicrafts works
  • Agricultural and forestry processing
  • Materials for Construction
Zone will be on operation: Since second quarter of the year 2003

Information on planning:

Total areas of 10.72 ha, divided into 5 lots by the networks of intra-town roads. These 5 lots would be divided into appropriate areas based on the size of enterprises.

Due to its small size, the infrastructure of industrial zone is characterized by the systems of electricity, drainage and water supply, information (technical corridor) that are installed along the network of 1 vertical, 1 horizontal road and the main axis road of the City.

Green trees are not concentrated but arranged randomly in order to cover 20% of the zone area. Green trees are planted along the intra - roads.

Table: Land Usage Distribution

No Types of land Area Percentage (%)
1 Land for construction of Industrial enterprises 39,600 69.05
2 Land for transportation infrastructure 10,592 18.47
3 Land for green trees 4,964 8.66
4 Land for concentrated water sewage treatment facilities 1,190 2.08
5 Land services business and management 1,000 1.74
  Total 93,644 100.00

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Some Hotel Addresses

Some Hotel Addresses
Nghi Phu small industrial Zone
Some Hotel Addresses
Nghi Phu small industrial Zone
The organism in charge: People's Committee of Vinh city
Address: 25 - Le Mao street - Vinh city / Hotline: 0383.598.801- Email:
The organism on duty: Television station of Vinh city
Address: 14 - Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street - Vinh city / Tel: 0383.842584