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Vinh – The city on the Lam River - Du lịch Thành phố Vinh Nghệ An - Thiết kế Website TP Vinh Thanh pho Vinh Nghe An
Posted on:21/3/2008
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Vinh – The city on the Lam River

Vinh is located from 18 43’50’’ to 18 43’38’’ North latitude, from 105 56’30” to 105 49’50” East Longitudes; at a distance of 295 km from Hanoi (to the North), 350 km from Hue; 427 km from Da Nang and 1,447 km from Ho Chi Minh city (to the South).

From Vinh, there are many easy ways to get to Laos (from 3 border gates Cau Treo, Thanh Thuy and Nam Can) as well as the North Eastern provinces of Thailand. It is reasonable to think that from Vientiane or/and North Eastern Thailand, tourists can spend weekends at Vinh, and go to the sea at Cua lo. Arriving at Vinh means tourists have arrived at Cua Lo town (15 km), Kim Lien Village - the fatherland of President Ho Chi Minh (12 km); Tien Dien – Nghi Xuan, home of great poet Nguyen Du (10 km) as well as many well-known sight-seeing.

The topography of Vinh city was formed with 2 soil sources, one of alluvial soils of Lam River and other from the sea. Since, the Lam river changed its current towards Ru Mun, this area with much low-lying zones had been raised the level with soil. Vinh has a plain, high topography but not monotonous. The unique characteristic of Vinh is Quyet Mountain and the romance of Lam and Vinh rivers. Quyet Mountain located right beside the Lam River at the Eastern part of the City. More than 2 km long, the peak is 101.5 m; this mountain is attached to the Phoenix Central City, to the cause of the legendary military general Quang Trung Emperor– Nguyen Hue. This area remains many evidences of Vinh as one of place, which was selected to be the capital. Today, Quyet Mountain is covered by thousands of green pine trees. With forestry garden projects are under implementation, Quyet Mountain promisingly becomes a green pearl within the Red city. On the South West and South East, the city is embraced with two rivers. Vinh River is a small one, originated from the edge of Dai Hue Mountain. It flows through South gate area, Vinh Tan, Hong Son and Central city. Especially, it flows in vicinity to the Vinh market, thus creating a beautiful landscape of “here the docks and there down the boats”. Towards Ben Thuy, Vinh River flows to Lam River and discharge to the Sea. Lam river (Ca river) is the largest river in Nghe An province, flowing towards Vinh City becoming wider, hesitatingly, slowly flowing into the sea. Lam River, Vinh River and Quyet Mountain, Ben Thuy and the old ferry wharf intertwined right here and on the breeding ground and thus creating the most beautiful landscape in Nghe an province. Tourists from the South are always surprised before the spectacular of the natural landscape: Quyet Mountain, Ben Thuy reflect on the Lam river, from distance, chimneys of power stations rise to the air and the city appears bellow the green trees...

From Ben Thuy bridge, following the Lam river we can reach the sea in some tens minutes.

With its owned position and advantages, Vinh has many promising potentials for the future.

Experts from Habitat - an UN organization on human resettling, defined Vinh in its 21 Agenda as following:

  • A riverside city
  • A green city
  • A central city of the Northern Central region
  • A dynamic city
  • An industrial and tourism city
  • An young city
  • And people of Vinh call their home city as “Vinh – a dawning city

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Vinh city is a large urban located in the east - south of province, with the geographic coordinates of 18 ° 38'50" to 18°43'38" north latitude, from 105°56'30" to 105° 49'50" east longitude. The north and east touching with Nghi Loc district, south touching with Nghi Xuan district - Ha Tinh province, west touching with Hung Nguyen district.

Open Letter
Vinh – The city on the Lam River
Open Letter
The organism in charge: People's Committee of Vinh city
Address: 25 - Le Mao street - Vinh city / Hotline: 0383.598.801- Email:
The organism on duty: Television station of Vinh city
Address: 14 - Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street - Vinh city / Tel: 0383.842584