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People always refer to Nghe An as the “Land of academy”, this proves that the Nghe people are possessed of a traditional fondness for learning as well as they have achieved great successes in studying.

After many years of difficulties in changing from a subsidies economy to a market economy, education in Nghe An is now again being prosperous. Vinh as the heart of Nghe An is continuing to consolidate that noble tradition. Education is being cared by the entire people; in a family people who are pursuing study are given with highest priority. Thus in time, Resolution no. 2 (of the 8th Central Committee) on Education and Training have been promulgated and brought about the fresh breeze to Vinh – a city with plenty of sun and wind.

On the area of 64.7 square km, currently, there are 1 University, 2 colleges, several vocational school, job training centres and other 75 primary schools, high schools and kindergartens. Vinh Teacher Training University (VTTU) was the second established Teachers’ Training University of the Democratic and Republic of Viet Nam. After 40 years of existence and improvement, VTTU has become a multidisciplinary education centre with modern facilities and infrastructure those are continuingly upgraded. Technical college of Vinh is gradually carrying out necessary steps for upgrading to a regional technical university.

Healthcare School, Art and Culture School in the future will be upgraded to colleges. Vocational and practical training centre will be a Technical School etc... In a close connection with system of vocational schools, vocational training centres and Job promotional centres have enabled a fair growing rate of vocational education development. Formal education system is constantly developing. The rate of mobilising pupils entering 1 grade and 6 grades reaches high level.

Diversification the form of education has been stimulated, beside the state schools, there are 24 semi-state, 6 public and 2 private schools. Classes with a half-day school staying programs can be arranged in 100% of primary schools. Materials employed in Studying and teaching process is strengthened. Several schools with standard infrastructure in a clean environment make themselves be worthwhile to Vinh as a second grade urbanized city. There are 9 schools recognized to meet with national standard.

In coming years, the City is striving for other 5 schools to be recognized satisfying national Standard School for the first stage and other 3 schools by the second stage. Pre-school education will be fostered. Diversification of study formality has created favourable conditions for fulfilling needs of Vinh people on the selection of educating method.

In the year 2000, the City is recognized as accomplishing the popularisation in primary education. Till this moment, the popularisation in elementary education has been furnished. The city is always on the lead in term of education quality. The quality of a comprehensive education system is ensured while quality of selective education is paid with due attention.

Huynh Thuc Khang High School is following the good tradition of former Vinh National School (Quoc hoc Vinh). Phan Boi Chau special School has eminent figure in the National Education. Dang Thai Mai elementary School is a spot light on quality and supply of good student for Phan Boi Chau special School.

Many students form Phan Boi Chau School have attended and got prizes at international competition such as Phan Huy Tu won the silver medal at Mathematics Contest in Thuy Dien in 1993, Nguyen Canh Hao with silver prize at Mathematic Contest in Argentina in 1997… They are all pupils from Dang Thai Mai School. Currently, in 2001 – 2002, Dai Thanh Hai won the silver prize in Chemistry Contest and Pham Thai Khanh Hiep, Mai Thanh Hoang received the bronze prize at Mathematic international contest also studied at Dang Thai Mai School. German – Vietnamese culture house for children - a place to nurture and discover young talents has achieved outstanding results. In August 2002, Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong was proud to be the first Vietnamese student to obtain Gold medal of the Asia Pacific contest of “Photo diary – ENNIKI”. In the same month she also awarded a golden prize in international drawing contest namely “Children’s Home” organized in Thien Tan, China.

“Talent students required talent tutors”, at Phan Boi Chau Special School, there are 31 teachers with master degree; 8 teachers with master degree in Dang Thai Mai School… Vinh in the whole, the rate of teachers recognised meeting with national standard or higher is fairly high: accounts for 72,6% in primary schools, 62,8% in elementary level. In 2002, 4 professors were awarded with the title “Prominent professor”. Nowadays, Vinh has been continuingly improving her educational system, thus creating good conditions for everyone to access to the immense source of knowledge of human being. Those intentions and dreams can be briefly described as: To build a Vinh city of civilization, riches and powerfulness.

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