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Nghe An is going to organize a sunflower festival

In the afternoon of May 10th, the proposal of organizing a sunflower festival has been approved and the event is going to take place in Nghia Dan district.


Vinh-Bangkok Direct Flight: 5-day 4-night tour at 7 million VND

On May 4th, People’s Committee of Nghe An held a meeting on planning to establish direct flight from Vinh to Bangkok.


Cua Lo beach 'in a hurry' at dawn

Here is a big picture of Cua Lo fishermen dependent on seas for a living for a long time. Apr 30 and May 1 holiday is approaching, and a number of tourists are experiencing


Nghe An promotes investment in Bangkok, Thailand

On 21st January, the mission of Nghe An province had a working session with the Leaders’ representatives from Thai Investment Department – Mrs. Chollada Areerajjakul, Director of Division of Foreign Affairs and cooperation and investment in Asian and Southeast Asian zones.


Six amazing fields in Northern Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge introduces the six fields that have become tourist attractions in the northern region of Vietnam.


Unique soil firecracker festival in pictures

VietNamNet Bridge - On the morning of February 15, at the Con Son – Kiep Bac Festival in Chi Linh district of Hai Duong province, 100 local men competed in a soil firecracker making competition.


Most Luxurious Travel Destinations in 2010

People all over the world are in fond of traveling to reduce stress after hard work or to widen their knowledge. As for the rich, below are the most luxurious travel destinations which are desirable in 2010:


Spectacular mountainous landscapes in China

China, which ranges from mostly plateaus and mountains in the west to lower lands in the east, has splendid scenic spots of natural wonder in addition to its ancient folk traditions. Mountainous lands and rough terrains make up two-thirds of Chinese territory.


Vinh City: More than a Stopover

Many people pass through Vinh on their way to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Rarely does anyone stop for more than the one night necessary to catch up on some sleep. Living in Vinh, I feel that the city has more to offer than just a hotel bed.

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Cua Lo beach 'in a hurry' at dawn
Most Luxurious Travel Destinations in 2010
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